The Chinese Family
(Chinese family tree)

家 ¨ Jiā ¨; in English ¨home, family¨, is the Chinese character that was assigned to the family, and as a curious fact, this character has the radical of roof and pig… funny, right? This was because since ancient times, the Chinese who could afford to have pigs or animals in their home, meant that it was a home with wealth and abundance, because due to the low production of food, the pig became a symbol of prosperity in the home of the Chinese people.

The vocabulary that comprises the Chinese family is varied and separates the titles of each family member by father and mother, thus, cousins and uncles and each family member will have a different name if it comes from the mother or father’s side.

A fun fact is that in China they say that when you have a son you have to open a bank account and deposit every month, and if you have a daughter, you have to open a bank account so that the new husband gives her the money.

The list of relatives is huge. There are over 80, but the most frequently used ones are almost the same amount as the ones we use. But do not worry because here you will find the most frequently used ones in Chinese, and you will also be able to practice them in our application. Hanzi Logogram!


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